Two-wheel-drive Businesses

Legend Holdings developed a unique business model driven by both strategic investments and financial investments. Strategic investments aim at holding over the long term and focus on strategic sectors to build and optimize the portfolio while fostering pillar businesses. Financial investments are driven by financial returns with a proper mix of products or target portfolios.

Strategic investments and financial investments are the major businesses of Legend Holdings, both are operated on market-oriented principles and develop rapidly in their respective fields of expertise. At the same time, the close synergy they create in business alignment, funding support, as well as resource sharing, could help Legend Holdings better cope with volatility and risks in the market, seize opportunities, and further enhance the value creation.

Strategic Investments


Financial Services

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Financial Investments

Angel Investments

Venture Capital

Investment Management

Direct Financial Investment

Investment Properties

Financial Investments

Through the financial investments business focused on angel investment, venture capital and private-equity investment, Legend Holdings establishes the holistic financial investment industrial chain, finds the investment opportunities in all development phases of the enterprise, and helps the investment targets realize value growth while reserving and providing project resources for the strategic investments business.

Financial Investments

Financial investments businesses include angel investment, venture capital and private equity investment covering all stages of a company, and the total assets under management are over RMB100 billion. Legend Star is the leading angel investment institution in China, while Legend Capital and Hony Capital are among the companies which are involved in venture capital investment and private equity investment at the earliest time in China, both of them have already been leading companies in the industry.

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  • Legend Star

    As the early investment and incubation sector of Legend Holdings, Legend Star is deeply rooted in Legend Holdings’ experiences and resources over 30 years as the “Super Angel” and the key services provider of angel investments and in-depth incubation to the entrepreneurs. Legend Star currently manages seven angel investment funds with a scale of approximately over RMB 3 billion.

  • Legend Capital

    Legend Capital is the Venture Capital fund under Legend Holdings. The core business of Legend Capital is early-stage Venture Capital and expansion-stage Growth Capital investment. Legend Capital is now managing several USD funds and RMB funds with a total AUM over RMB50 billion, and focuses on innovation and growth enterprises with operations in China or related to China.

  • Hony Capital

    Hony Capital specializes in buyout investment. Partnering with the world’s leading investors, it focuses on the development of China’s real economy with “Value creation, Price Realization” as its investment philosophy. Its total AUM has reached more than RMB70 Billion.

  • Direct financial investment

    Short- and medium-term investments at the primary market, the secondary market and the intermediate market between those two are set to be absolute-value-oriented so as to structure a portfolio with higher liquidity.

  • Raycom Property Investment

    Raycom Property Investment Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company wholly owned by Legend Holdings (stock code 3396 HK), specializing in developing, holding and operating Raycom Infotech Park, the high-quality commercial park located at the core of Zhongguan Software Park in Haidian District in Beijing.


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