Corporate Culture

  • Core Value


    Be realistic and honest, responsible for your own duties and words. Being realistic is a kind of attitude, also a kind of ability.


    One should have a far-reaching vision, not limited to the current interests, willing to jump out of the box and comfort zone, making challenging targets into reality.

    People centricity:

    Running a company is managing people. The importance of people should be paid enough attention, respect their needs and create conditions for them to develop, build a stage without ceiling to let them grow.

  • Methodology

    "Strong purpose, achieving goals in stages and reconsideration" is Legend's methodology which is an important part of the culture. Legend's methodology has its own internal logic. Strong purpose refers to the intention of clarifying the exact purpose before taking right actions. Then, decomposed the objectives into enforceable parts and accomplish them step by step; in this process, one should also pay attention to constant reconsideration to make adjustments timely and sum up the laws and experiences for the future development.


    Purposes always comes first, and one should figure out the reason in advance, so as to aim at the target. In the process, jumping out of the whole picture to capture the core is important, with the purpose always in mind; one can finally accomplish what he wants.

    Phased implementation:

    Achieving a goal is a long process; don’t regard a long-distance running as a sprint, considering the good priorities, resource allocation, analysis of a good variety of boundary conditions. Target is divided into sub-goals and milestones, which are finished step by step.


    Fu Pan is originally a term in the game of Go. In Legend, it refers to attention and reviews of previous works and constantly check and revise target to sum up experiences and laws. Legend’s chessboard resuming methodology is based on the core values of self-reflection, stressing "an open mind, frank expression, being realistic, self-reflection, and brainstorming."

  • Concrete Manifestation

    Specific instruction under the guidance of root culture: Accountable, Professional, Creative and Collaborative.


    High commitment, self-driven and taking responsibility.

    Dare to promise, fulfill promise and keep promise. Contribute value to the company through mutual commitment between employee and the enterprise.

    Instead of being driven by the process, pressure, or even specific goals, one’s thoughts and actions should be spontaneous, and actively looking for opportunities to create value at every stage of the investment value chain.

    Dare to make judgments or draw conclusions amid uncertainties, and ready to accept the outcomes. Learn from both mistakes and success through reviewing and summarizing.


    Insist high-standards for professional skills and cultivate high-level professionalism.

    Keep on studying to shape systematic and penetrating cognition in respective professional fields.

    Pursue first-class professional standards in the industry, and constantly strive for excellence.

    Continuous self-development as a way of life mentality.

    Have good contract spirit and handling the relationship between individuals and the organization in a professional manner.


    Embracing changes and working creatively.

    Keep curiosity about the unknown, perceive changes with an open mind, and meet and cope with challenges proactively.

    Create new ideas and methods beyond restrictions of existing knowledge and experience.

    Learn through trials and errors.


    Team spirit as a must, and develop collaborative capability.

    Give full play of professional value through specialization and collaboration.

    Stretch cross-functional and inter-departmental boundaries, maximize company profit.

    Discover the opportunities and integrate resources actively, build up the two-wheel-drive business model as our core advantage.

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