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The current Chinese name of Legend Capital is 君联(Junlian). These young people in Legend Capital have treated investment as a career. Thus, they can focus on reputations and strategies, with particular emphasis on the talent development. I believe that in the near future, Legend Capital will become an influential investment company worldwide.

                                                                                 ————Liu Chuanzhi 

"I want to help and drive the growth of start-up companies in China with capital and management support". In 2001, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, President of Legend Holdings, decided to build a team led by ZHU Linan to start the investment business. In April 2001, Legend Capital was formed, and set up its first fund with US$35 mn commitment from Legend Holdings. Now Legend Capital is the independent Venture Capital investment subsidiary under the holdings company. In February 2012, Legend Capital took the new Chinese name "君联(Junlian)".

The core business of Legend Capital is early-stage Venture Capital and expansion-stage Growth Capital investment.

Legend Capital is now managing several USD funds and RMB funds with a total AUM over RMB45 bn, and focuses on innovation and growth enterprises with operations in China or related to China.

By 2018, Legend Capital has invested in around 400 companies, of which 70 are successfully listed on domestic or overseas capital market, besides, around 50 companies achieved exit through M&A.

With the vision of "Becoming one of the most valuable and most respected investment company with International influence", and through driving the innovation and growth of business enterprises through capital and management support, Legend Capital plays an active role in promoting industry advancement and social development, and strives for creating dream business and sharing success with partners of shared vision and goals.

Zhu Linan

Executive Director and President of Legend Holdings Corporation
Chairman of Legend Capital Co., Ltd.
Non-executive Director of Lenovo Group Limited

Zhu Linan joined Legend in 1989 and is currently the Executive Director & President of Legend Holdings Corporation and a member of the Executive Committee, responsible for the strategy formulation and implementation, organization and culture, and personnel selection and training. With his deep understanding and rich experience in business operation and investment, Zhu Linan led the company to creatively establish a unique two-wheel-drive business model of "strategic investments + financial investments" to keep pushing the strategy and business moving forward. He is the promoter and implementor of our major strategic transformation and business upgrading.  

Zhu Linan also serves as the Chairman of Legend Capital. In 2001, he set up Legend Capital (later changed its Chinese name to “Junlian Ziben”), a firm of Legend Holdings specializing in venture capital. As one of the earliest firms to enter the venture capital field, Legend Capital has become a top fund firm in China and has brought rich returns to investors. Its successful experience has also laid an important foundation for Legend Holdings in its following investments.  

Zhu Linan served as the General Manager of Legend Shenzhen; General Manager of Legend's Business Development Division, Director of the Business Planning Office, Assistant President, Vice President, Senior Vice President; President and Chairman of the Board of Legend Capital; Executive Vice President and President of Legend Holdings.

Zhu Linan graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a master's degree in electronical engineering and has got a title of senior engineer. He is now an expert who enjoys special government allowances from the State Council.

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