Message From the Chairman

In Legend Holdings, we have a vision.

We want to work hard to realize our aspiration of serving our country by industrialization, hence turning Legend Holdings into a trustworthy and respectful company with leading edges in multiple industrial sectors and international influence.

For this vision, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, founder of the Company, has led his team and gone through 35 years of hardworking, not only growing the Company from a sampan to a wave-riding fleet but laying a foundation of the Company’s institutions, mechanisms, management and corporate culture, from which Legend has benefited and will continue benefiting in the long-term development.

Since the reform and opening-up, China has been undergoing remarkably fast growth while the world amidst winds of changes. The achievements Legend Holdings has made is enabled by the reform and opening-up, as well as the fact that we have devoted ourselves to learning and summarizing the corporate management rules through practices. Most importantly, we have always aimed at higher and higher goals.

The vision is our aspiration; however, its realization cannot be done overnight. It may demand the dedication of generations of Legenders. We treat our vision seriously. Once it is set, we make whatever efforts needed to realize it. Building great companies is our main business and also core capability. We hope to see that, in the journey towards our vision, Legend Holdings is able to offer all talents a platform where only the sky is the limit, and to build a bunch of excellent businesses as our contribution to the Chinese and world’s economy.

The Chairman of Board of Directors at Legend Holdings Corporation.

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