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stock code: Legend Holdings(3396.HK)

Our History

With its predecessor founded in 1984, Legend Holdings, under the leadership of Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, has grown through its continuous pursuit of higher goals. It has undergone three stages of development, expanding from a single IT industry into diversified businesses, and then transformed into an international conglomerate.

Legend Holdings is committed to the mission of serving the country and society through building outstanding enterprises in multiple industries.

After 30 years of practices and explorations, Legend Holdings has achieved breakthroughs in four aspects:

Firstly, Legend Holdings has explored and pioneered a way with Chinese features of high-tech commercialization under research institutions. Lenovo’s development practice, Legend Holdings’ venture capital investments, entrepreneur trainings, and angel investment business are all facilitating and propelling the growth of technology enterprises in China.

Secondly, based on the domestic market of China, Legend Holdings stood out in the competition with multinational PC giants, stimulated the growth of a large group of domestic IT companies. Later, Lenovo’s success in its internationalization, as well as the overseas investments and mergers carried out by other member companies of Legend Holdings , have built up valuable experiences for other Chinese companies “going global”.

Thirdly, as a state-owned high-tech enterprise, Legend Holdings has reformed into a limited liability company, making employees the owners of the Company and laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. In addition, it has set a pioneering example of mechanism reform for other hi-tech companies under Chinese science research institutions.

Fourthly, Legend Holdings has summed up a set of rules of corporate management centering on the “Three Management Keys,” and the investment philosophy of “prioritize the business and emphasis the people”. It has also nurtured a group of excellent leaders, who form the core competitiveness of Legend Holdings and have achieved the leading positions in multiple industries.

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