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stock code: Legend Holdings(3396.HK)

Company Profile

Legend Holdings Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Legend Holdings”) was founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi and 10 other researchers with funding from the Computing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Starting from the IT industry, Legend Holdings has gone through the development of over three decades, and now it is a leading diversified investment group in China. It builds up a unique business model of “strategic investments + financial investments” with synergy between the two-wheel-drive businesses. Through value creation and value discovery, the Company cultivates and manages an outstanding investment portfolio with growth potential, driving sustainable value growth.

Under the leadership of the Company’s Founder and Chairman, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, and President, Mr. Zhu Linan, the Company has concluded its distinctive investment concepts and management system based on the deep understanding of economies and enterprises. Through forward-looking layout, flexible investment strategies and sustained value-added services, Legend Holdings has cultivated a number of influential outstanding enterprises in several sectors. At the same time, Legend Holdings pays high attention and gives full play to talents, discovers and trains leaders in various industries, and provides a career platform for its employees, all of which have greatly stimulated the corporate’s vitality for development.

The Company was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK: 03396) on 29 June, 2015. As of 31 December 2016, the revenue of the Group was approx. RMB307.0 billion, and the total assets is approx. RMB322.3 billion.

Business model

Legend Holdings developed a unique business model driven by both strategic investments and financial investments. Strategic investments aim at holding over the long term and focus on strategic sectors to build and optimize the portfolio while fostering pillar businesses. Financial investments are driven by financial returns with a proper mix of products or target portfolios.

Strategic investments and financial investments are the major businesses of Legend Holdings, both are operated on market-oriented principles and develop rapidly in their respective fields of expertise. At the same time, the close synergy they create in business alignment, funding support, as well as resource sharing, could help Legend Holdings better cope with volatility and risks in the market, seize opportunities, and further enhance the value creation.

Business Layout

Legend Holdings adopts the parent and subsidiary structure. Through active and systematic layout, it comes up with the two major businesses of strategic investments and financial investments, and is committed to build a high quality investment portfolio and leading enterprises in different areas.

At present, Legend Holdings’ strategic investments businesses focus on five sectors: IT, financial services, innovative consumption & services, agriculture & food, and new materials. Now it has invested over 20 enterprises, including Lenovo - China’s largest PC vendor, CAR Inc. - the largest car rental chain enterprise in China, Lakala - a China’s leading Internet financial services company, Bybo Dental Group - the largest private dental chain organization in China and Golden Wing Mau - China’s largest fully-integrated fruit company in the industry, etc.

Financial investments businesses include angel investment, venture capital and private equity investment covering all stages of a company, and the total assets under management are over RMB100 billion. Legend Star is the leading angel investment institution in China, while Legend Capital and Hony Capital are among the companies which are involved in venture capital investment and private equity investment at the earliest time in China, both of them have already been leading companies in the industry.

Core Competitiveness

Value Discovery

Insights in China: trends and opportunities emerging from global and China domestic economy development
Knowledge in enterprises: rich experiences in enterprise operations and acute insights in fundamental judgements
Understanding in talents: deep understandings and knowledges in entrepreneurs leading to best choices in management teams and long-term cooperation

Value Creation

Strategic influence and operational improvement
Unique capital & funding structure featuring equity + debt + guarantee
Brand endorsement & resource support

Strategic Routes

To deepen strategical research, to allocate resources efficiently, and to continuously optimize investment portfolio

To focus on three sectors of financial services, innovative consumption & services, agriculture & food and overseas within strategic investments, and to cultivate high quality assets and new pillar business

To strengthen value-added services and capital operation, and to improve assets value and capital returns effectively


After 30 years of practices, explorations and summaries, Legend Holdings has achieved breakthroughs in four aspects:

Firstly, Legend Holdings has explored and pioneered a way with Chinese features of high-tech commercialization under research institutions. Lenovo’s development practice, and Legend Holdings’ venture capital investment, training of entrepreneurs, and angel investment business are all facilitating and propelling the growth of technology enterprises in China.

Secondly, based on the domestic market of China, Legend Holdings competed against multinational PC giants and prevailed, facilitating the proliferation of a large group of domestic IT companies. Later, Lenovo has succeeded in its internationalization, and other member companies of Legend Holdings have carried out overseas investments and mergers, both of which earn valuable experience for other Chinese companies “going global”.

Thirdly, Legend Holdings has reformed the state-owned high-tech enterprises’ share ownership structure, making employees the owners of the Company and laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. In addition, it has set a pioneering example of mechanism reform for other hi-tech companies under research institutions.

Fourthly, Legend Holdings has summarized a set of corporate management laws centering on the “Three Management Keys,” and the investment concept of “emphasizing the prospect of the industry in which the project is and the management team”. It has also trained and nurtured a group of excellent leaders, who form the core competitiveness of Legend Holdings and stay at the leading positions in multiple industries.

Social Responsibility

Over the past 30 years, Legend Holdings has made every effort to become a respected and trusted corporation through obeying the law, paying taxes, offering high caliber employment opportunities, developing and incentivizing talents, and creating an outstanding enterprise culture. It advocates good business ethics, and constantly practices social responsibility at various levels of its business operation. Legend Holdings pushes technology start-up development with a rich array of resources and experience accumulated over those more than three decades, and helps small and mid-sized companies grow and develop. At the same time, Legend Holdings has consistently been paying attention to and supporting causes in such areas as education and social justice upholding, etc.