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stock code: Legend Holdings(3396.HK)

Innovative Consumption and Services

Legend Holdings is optimistic about long-term growth in the consumer service area. It attaches great importance to development of the Internet industry and its profound influence, and constantly seeks breakthrough business models and investment opportunities. At present, Legend Holdings has invested/established China Auto Rental, Bybo Dental Group, Zeny Supply Chain.

China Auto Rental (CAR)

China Auto Rental Holdings Inc. (hereinafter referred to as China Auto Rental) was established in September 2007 with the headquarters in Beijing. As the leading car rental service provider in China, China Auto Rental provides specialized car rental services such as long rent, short rent and financed rent, and perfect supporting services as national car assistance and car returning in different cities through learning from successful international car rental modes actively and combining with consumption habits of Chinese customers. More...

Bybo Dental Group

BYBO Dental Group (hereinafter the ‘BYBO Group’) is a large medical group which offers dental medical treatment, medical institutions investment, hospital operation management, medical equipment marketing, denture processing, decoration design for hospital (outpatient service) and medical advertising creation and acting. More...

Zeny Supply Chain

As one of the member enterprises of Legend Holdings, Zeny Supply Chain Co., Ltd. commits itself to integration of warehouse and distribution of cold chain, and comprehensive provider of cross-border E-business, and it is an industry leader by integrating the information flow, material flow and capital flow, to provide services for domestic bulk cargo delivery. More...

Shanghai Neuromedical Center

Shanghai Neuromedical Center was founded in 2013. Equipped with about 350 beds, it is a specialist hospital built on the scale of tertiary specialized hospital standards and excels in several comprehensive key areas, especially clinical neuroscience. More...


Wenkang Group has four high-tech subsidiaries, namely Wenkang Media, Wenkang Technology, Wenkang Pharmaceutical, and Wenkang Network, covering a wide range of businesses including Internet, software, media, medical investment, medical B2C and B2B trading, etc. Wenkang Group has successfully established the largest comprehensive health care service platform in China, in 2004. More...

Social Touch

Founded in 2011, Social Touch is a digital marketing solution provider for enterprises in the era of mobile social networking. As the first company coming up with the concept of driving marketing through big data in China, we have always focused on mobile marketing, helping customers realize the value of mobile marketing and conduct the mobile Internet transformation mainly through a set of marketing solutions including strategies, software, big data and advertising. More...

Better Sun Educational Group

Better Sun Educational Group has been dedicated to the educational field for more than 30 years since the first school was founded in Taipei in 1985. More...