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Lenovo is a US$43 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies.

Our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including the legendary Think and multimode YOGA brands), workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs and a family of mobile products such as smartphones (Lenovo and Motorola brands), tablets and apps.

The "Protect and Attack" strategy is the company's long-term formula for success. It has enhanced our revenue and profitability, while creating a global, diversified and sustainable business.

Innovation is in Lenovo's DNA and helps us continuously improve and perfect our business; it's not only in our products and technologies, but also present in all of our efforts from our strategy and execution to our business model.

At Lenovo, we have a global "innovation triangle" which taps global talent with major research centers in China, Japan and the U.S.

Lenovo's unique hybrid manufacturing model represents a significant competitive advantage for the company. We manufacture a higher percentage of our products at our own facilities than any other hardware supplier, comprising facilities in Japan, the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, multiple locations in China, etc. The in-house production capabilities, together with our strategic partnerships with ODM suppliers, form an efficient supply chain strategy that enables high market responsiveness, speeds product innovation and supports rapid business growth.

Shares of Lenovo are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKSE stock code: 0992), and are available in the form of ADR shares (ADR: LNVGY).
Yang Yuanqing

Yang Yuanqing
Chairman & CEO of Lenovo

Mr. Yang Yuanqing, incumbent Chairman and CEO of Lenovo, is in charge of Lenovo Board of Directors and its strategic making, business planning and operations.

Mr. Yang Yuanqing joined Lenovo in 1989. In 2001-2004, he was the President & CEO, as the Chairman in 2004-2009, as the CEO in 2009-2011, and as Chairman again since 2012. In the past 2 decades and more, in spite of the fierce competition in the world IT market, Mr. Yang has led Lenovo to many achievements. In 1997, Lenovo PC seized the largest market share in the China for the first time. In July 2013, Lenovo became the world’s largest PC producer. In 2014, after acquiring the mobile business of Motorola and x86 server business of IBM, Lenovo became the 3rd largest intelligent mobile producer and x86 server provider in the world.

In 2008, Lenovo, under the leadership of Mr. Yang Yuanqing, ranked the 1st place in the Top 10 World-class Brands in China selected by the Financial Times of UK. In 2009 and 2010, Lenovo was placed in the World Most 50 Innovators selected by the Business Week of Bloomberg. In 2011, Lenovo was listed in the World Top 100 Enterprises with Greatest Fame in Forbes. In 2014, Lenovo won the Award for Corporate Governance Excellence for 2014 in Hong Kong (for constituent stocks in Hang Seng Index) and Award for Sustainable Development Excellence.

Mr. Yang Yuanqing has led Lenovo to establish the most powerful distribution and retail system in China, as well as an efficient customer service center and network. At the same time, Lenovo has invented the concept of Family Computer and established the trade model targeting consumers and SME clients, and relation model targeting major clients. Today, Lenovo works hard to promote the dual-business model throughout the world.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of Mr. Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo has gradually grown into a global business. In December 2004, Lenovo announced the acquisition of global PC business of IBM, hinting Lenovo has made the leap-forward towards international development. After that, Mr. Yang has been actively pushing for global integration of Lenovo by taking full advantage of the original Lenovo Group and IBM PC Department. The successful M&A has helped Lenovo make attractive accomplishments capturing great attention in the world. At the same time, as the first TOP of IOC from China, Lenovo used its high-quality products and technical services to support the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics, thus greatly improving the international brand image of Lenovo. In 2012-2014, Lenovo launched many innovative products, including intelligent mobile devices, tablets and smart TV, which have made a number of world records. In September 2014, Lenovo announced that it had met all regulations for acquiring x86 server business of IBM. In October 2014, Lenovo finalized the M&A. On October 30, 2014, Lenovo finalized acquisition of Motorola mobile business.

In 1999, Mr. Yang Yuanqing won the May 4 Medal for the Chinese Youth, the highest honor for the Chinese youth granted by China Youth Federation. In 1999 and 2001, Mr. Yang received the title of Asian Star from the Business Week of US. In 2003, he became one of the Top 10 Star Entrepreneurs in China for 2002 and 10 Most Valuable Managers in China selected by the Chinese media. In 2004, Mr. Yang became the CCTV Chinese Economic Figure for 2004. In 2005, he became one of the 25 Most Influential Asian Business Leaders selected by Fortune Asia. In 2006, he won the National May 1 Medal for Model Workers. In 2008, he was elected as Chinese Businessman for 2007 and Figure for 2008 by Fortune Chinese and Forbes Asia. In 2011, Mr. Yang was elected as Best CEO in China by FinanceAsia, the authoritarian financial magazine in Asia. In 2014, he won the Edison Award to honor him for his and Lenovo’s contributions to the world in that year.

Born in 1964, Mr. Yang Yuanqing graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1986. In 1989, he received his Master’s Degree from the University of Science and Technology China, Department of Computer Science. Mr. Yang is now the member of the 11th CPPCC, Director of China Enterprise Directors Association, Guest Professor at the University of Science and Technology China, and member of New York Stock Exchange, Committee of International Advisers.