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Be an influential leader in the refined chemicals and new chemical materials business

Levima Group
Levima Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in November 2010, Levima Group Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “Levima Group”), is dedicated to make high performance products in the fields of advanced materials and specialty chemicals. At present, the group has several subsidiaries with nearly 4,000 employees, namely, Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Levima Advanced Materials”), Tengzhou Guo Zhuang Coal Mine Co., Ltd., etc.

As the core member of Levima Group, Levima Advanced Materials specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of advanced materials. The company is located in Southern Shandong High-tech Chemical Industry Park, Tengzhou, Shandong. With a total investment of 8 billion Yuan, the manufacture base covers a whole construction area of about 117 hectares. It was started in May 2010 and started full production in November 2014. The company has successfully developed a deep-processing industrial chain, focusing on the conversion of enriched methanol to high value-added olefins and their derivatives.

The company currently owns multiple sets of equipment for DMTO, EVA, PP, EO, EOD, etc. Each set of equipment applies global leading technologies to enter full-load state of operation, and both the production & operation have been maintaining a leading level in the field. Our range of products include high-end EVA copolymers, customized PP materials, EO, EOD, etc., which are widely used in plastics, household chemicals, textile, building construction, road and bridge construction, automobiles, leather, photovoltaic, cable, painting and other fields.

By adhering to the concept of “production-based, market-oriented and full integration of R&D, manufacturing and sales”, the company has now established a top-ranking integrated and innovative R&D platform in terms of high-end materials and specialty chemicals. In May 2017, Levima Advanced Materials successfully received the strategic investment from Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. The partnership has been built on the complementary advantages of the two parties, enabling the fully integration of their “innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain”, which will accelerate the innovation development and industrialization process of the advanced materials industry and in the meantime, has opened a new chapter for the development of Levima Group.

Consistently in accordance with the corporate values of “Pragmatic and Enterprising, Innovative and Dedicated, and Sharing for a Win-win”, Levima Group fully utilizes its professional advantages such as dedicated operation, innovative R&D and efficient service, to provide customers with comprehensive customized solutions. The group has always been well recognized among its customers by its first-class product quality and superb technical services.

At present, Levima Group has been implementing its two-wheel strategy of “Industry operation & Investment”, leveraging superior resources to build an advanced material industrial cluster with leading positions in several market segments and international competitiveness. Levima Group is striving to realize the vision of “becoming an excellent enterprise in the field of advanced materials”!

Zheng Yueming

Zheng Yueming
Assistant President of Legend Holdings

Chairman and President of Levima

Mr. Zheng Yueming was born in April 1967. He is a leader of Legend Holdings New Chemical Materials. In May 2010, he joined Legend Holdings, established Levima Group and its core team, organized the formulation of interim strategy for new chemical materials panel for Legend Holdings, and led the implementation throughout the whole process.After joining Legend Holdings, he was successively appointed as Investment Directorof Strategic Investment Department of Legend Holdings, General Manager of Chemical Engineering Business Department, Assistant President and General Manager of Chemical Engineering Business Department of Legend Holdings, Chairman and President of Levima Group, and President and CEO of Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.Before joining Legend Holdings, Mr. Zheng used to work as senior management and director of production, technology, operation and strategy in many large oil refining and chemical enterprises.

Mr. Zheng graduated from East China University of Science and Technology as a master of chemical engineering. He was also an NPC member of the 12th session of Shandong Province.