• Lenovo
  • Legend Capital
  • Hony Capital
  • Raycom Real Estate
  • Joyvio Group
  • Funglian Holdings
  • Levima Group
  • Zhengqi Anhui Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Zeny Supply Chain
  • Beijing EnsenCare Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Union Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.
  • Lakala Payment Co., Ltd.
  • Phylion Battery
  • China Auto Rental (CAR)
  • Bybo Dental Group
  • Shanghai Huge Enterprises (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • Legend Star


stock code: Legend Holdings(3396.HK)

Select, build, and nurture great companies across many industries

Core Asset Operation

Strategic Investment

Legend Holdings is involved in many flourishing industries. It invests and holds shares of valuable enterprises through strategic investments. Legend Holdings has businesses in five fields, IT, financial services, innovative consumption and services, agriculture and food ,and New Materials. It has more than twenty member companies.

Legend Holdings provides those enterprises it has invested with targeted management improvement, brand endorsement, financial support and other value added services relying on its unique industry background and good knowledge about the rule of the development and management of a company, which enables these companies to develop from good companies into outstanding ones.


Lenovo is a US$43 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies. More…

Financial Services

Through a systematic business layout and support from financial and management aspects, Legend Holdings has built up a financial services platform with industrial competitiveness. Legend Holdings has invested/founded Zhengqi Financial, UIB, Lakala, HKB and Suzhou Trust, etc. More…

Innovative Consumption and Services

Legend Holdings is optimistic about long-term growth of consumer service area, attaches great importance to development of internet industry and its profound influence, and constantly seeks breakthrough business models and investment opportunities. At present Legend Holdings has invested/established China Auto Rental, Bybo Dental Group, Zeny Supply Chain. Mroe…

Agriculture and Food

Joyvio Group is the sole strategic investment platform for food & agribusiness of Legend Holdings. Joyvio Group was established in August 2012, originally built to address the food quality and safety concerns. Joyvio has now became a well-recognized brand for high quality food and beverage products in China,and a global food & agribusiness corporation. Mroe…

New Materials

Legend Holdings focuses on those innovative chemical and new energy industries which have great potential and are in transition and aims to make large scale, influential and competitive chemical industry business group. At present it has invested/established Levima and Phylion Battery. Mroe…