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stock code: Legend Holdings(3396.HK)

Understanding of Legend on Corporation Management System

Legend's understanding on corporate management is taking shape in the process of exploration and development. And it has been practiced and verified in IT, investment, real estate and other areas.

Legend's management and cultural heritage are the core competitiveness and the important foundation for the corporation to continue to develop and create business excellence.

Legend's Corporate Management Roof Diagram

Legend's management system can be refined as the “roof diagram” showed below, Legend’s success in a number of areas suggests that enterprises should effectively master the industry rules, and also consolidate the management foundation. The value of "roof diagram" lies in the sustainable development of the corporation. It provides a simple and effective thinking framework, and allows enterprises to grasp the direction of management capacity growth in the complex and ever-changing internal and external environment.

The operational level of management:
Including: purchase, R&D, marketing,
services and so forth

The fundamental level of management: generality
Including: mechanism, system, three elements of
management, culture

Roof level: representing the management in operational level, which has different corporation individualities. If the business is to be successful, a profound study in the law of the industry is required.

The foundation: represents management at the foundation Base level; representing the management in basic level with generality and universality, which are the foundation for Legend’s lasting success.

Management in basic level includes: