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  • Diversified-industries Operation

    As the major shareholder, through practical resource allocation, effective management and control methods and extensive empowerment and capability building, Legend Holdings cooperates deeply with outstanding talents with leadership skills to jointly consolidate their positions in the industries and strengthen their core competitive edges of the companies, so as to establish the company's industrial pillars, and bring long-term and steady returns for shareholders.

    Legend Holdings aims to establish a group of leading companies in the industries in which we have presence in order to provide the society with high-quality products and services, and through these companies, to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises in relevant industrial chains in their development, and promote the progress of the overall industries.

  • Industrial Incubations and Investments

    Legend Holdings is oriented to start-up or growing-stage enterprises. Through incubations or direct and indirect investments, it supports the real economy, especially the development of technological innovative enterprises, by means of equity capital, financial support, and management consulting resources. Industrial incubations and investments segment is also one of the important sources for Legend Holdings' value growth and establishment of industrial pillars.

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  • Lenovo

    Founded in 1984, Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a global Fortune 500 company with a revenue of over RMB450 billion and a global leader in consumer, commercial and enterprise-level innovative technology, providing users with safe and high-quality product portfolios and services.

  • Levima Advanced Materials

    Levima Advanced Materials It is a supplier of advanced material products and solutions, focusing on the production, R&D and sales of advanced polymer materials and specialty chemicals. It is a high-tech enterprise and a national "Green Factory", and has been listed on the "China’s Top 100 Oil and Chemical Private Enterprises" for many years in a row.

  • Joyvio Group

    Joyvio Group is the industrial investment platform for modern food & agribusiness of Legend Holdings. At present, it has established a leading global industrial platform in the fields of beverages, fruits, animal protein branded packaged food, etc.

  • BIL

    Founded in 1856, BIL is the oldest comprehensive bank in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is headquartered in Luxembourg and has established an international service network that connects China (Beijing and the Greater Bay Area), Luxembourg and Switzerland. Its systemic importance has been certified by the European Central Bank. 


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