Company Profile

Legend Holdings Corporation was founded in 1984 by 11 researchers including Mr. Chuanzhi Liu with funding from the Computing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under the guidance and support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, along with China's economic development and social progress, after more than 30 years of growth, the company has now become a diversified-industries operation & investment group with roots in China, serving the domestic market while engaging in international business. Legend Holdings ranked in the top 10 among the "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China" by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

With the vision of “serving the country through industry”, the company focuses on technological innovation and the real economy, and has established two business segments of “Diversified-industries Operation” and “Industrial Incubations and Investments”. Through strategic management, operation improvement, resource allocation, financial support and value-added services, etc., we are committed to building industrial pillars, incubating or investing in start-up and growing-stage companies with great potential, so as to promote the continuous growth of the company's overall value, and win-win cooperation with portfolio companies, providing long-term returns for shareholders, and contributing to the high-quality development of China's economy.

At the same time, the company is also committed to building a more sophisticated and outstanding governance structure, organizational system, cultural concept and talent team, constantly stimulating the development vitality of the company, and creating a career development stage for employees.

The company attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, observes law and discipline, pays taxes according to regulations, provides high-quality employment opportunities, advocates a good business atmosphere, and actively promotes the common development of upstream and downstream industrial chains. With the help of the resources and experience accumulated over years, the company has made long-term investments in various fields such as supporting entrepreneurship, rural revitalization, and promoting social integrity, and is committed to continuously deepening and expanding its own practice to make greater contributions to the country and society.

Legend Holdings’ revenue in 2023:

RMB436 billion

In 2023:

Legend Holdings contributed RMB14.9 billion in various taxes annually.

Business Layout

  • Diversified-industries Operation

    As the major shareholder, through practical resource allocation, effective management and control methods and extensive empowerment and capability building, Legend Holdings cooperates deeply with outstanding talents with leadership skills to jointly consolidate their positions in the industries and strengthen their core competitive edges of the companies, so as to establish the company's industrial pillars, and bring long-term and steady returns for shareholders.

    Legend Holdings aims to establish a group of leading companies in the industries in which we have presence in order to provide the society with high-quality products and services, and through these companies, to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises in relevant industrial chains in their development, and promote the progress of the overall industries.

  • Industrial Incubations and Investments

    Legend Holdings is oriented to start-up or growing-stage enterprises. Through incubations or direct and indirect investments, it supports the real economy, especially the development of technological innovative enterprises, by means of equity capital, financial support, and management consulting resources. Industrial incubations and investments segment is also one of the important sources for Legend Holdings' value growth and establishment of industrial pillars.

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Major Achievements

After 30 years of practices, explorations and summaries, Legend Holdings has achieved breakthroughs in four aspects:
  • Legend has taken the lead in embarking on a scientific and technological industrialization path of scientific research institutes with Chinese characteristics. Meanwhile, Legend Holdings' diversified-industries operation, and industrial incubations & investments businesses are both actively contributing to the technological innovation and industrialization of Chinese enterprises.
  • Responding to the Country’s call, based on the domestic market of China, Legend finally won the competition against multinational PC giants, facilitating the proliferation of a large group of domestic IT companies, resulting in the introduction of computers into thousands of households and all walks of life, and laying a solid foundation for the information construction and rapid development of internet in China today. Meanwhile, the successful internationalization of Lenovo and the overseas investments and mergers carried out by Legend Holdings and its other member companies have also accumulated valuable experience for Chinese companies “going global”.
  • Under the promotion and support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company implemented the enterprise shareholding system reform, which has laid a solid foundation for its long-term development.
  • Legend has summarized a set of corporate management laws centering on the “Three Elements of Leadership”. It has also trained and nurtured a group of outstanding leaders, who form the core competitiveness of Legend Holdings.

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