Message From the Chairman

Legend was established with a genuine intention of serving the country through industry. Thanks to the historical opportunities created by the Party and the State and under the leadership and support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first generation of Legend entrepreneurs represented by Mr. Liu Chuanzhi led us weathering through perils and difficulties only to see that the then-wavered sampan has grown into a fleet that ride the wind and waves today. A firm and solid foundation of institutional mechanism and management culture has been, therefore, well laid for the further development of the company.

Serving the country through industry is also our vision. To realize it, all Legenders, filled with passion and enthusiasm, have been working diligently in good times and fighting out of a way in adversity all these years. We never give up or feel self-content; instead, we have endeavored to integrate our growth into the blueprint of national development.

After the 18th CPC National Congress, the socialism with Chinese characteristics, under the leadership of the General Secretary, entered into a new era, where the country is flourishing thriving, people’s life is full of joy and hope, forward the wheels of development are rolling, and young shoulders are ready for undertaking and inheriting. With the completion of the first a 100-year marathon and starting of the second century’s goal, revisiting the past will make us more clear about our mission ahead.

Each generation has its own Long March. In our generation, we emphasize ever more on developing leading technology, building industrial foundation and persistently and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility; we always keep learning and progressing with the open and pragmatic mindset; we believe our fate and the well-being is closely associated with that of the country and people; we follow the direction and expectation of the times and the society; and we stand by our promise and move forward with courage and perseverance.

That vision is our original intention and ambition that never change. We understand realizing it is not easy; it may even need multiple generations of Legenders to work relentlessly for it. But once the vision is set, we are prepared realize it no matter what it takes. We hope that in the Long March of realizing our vision, we can build an unceilinged stage for all Legenders so that we can not only have a chance to give full play to our talents and live up to our youthful years, but also, with our hundredfold-effort and solid achievements, contribute our share to this great new era and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

The Chairman of Board of Directors at Legend Holdings Corporation.

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