Company History

History is a book, compiled page by page.

— Liu Chuanzhi

Since the establishment in 1984, Legend Holdings has had multiple phases of leapfrog-growth under the leadership of Liu Chuanzhi, turning the company from a small IT business, as always in relentless pursuit of higher achievement, to a diversified enterprise and further into an international conglomerate.

Legend Holdings is committed to the mission of serving the country and the society through building outstanding enterprises in multiple industries.

During the past 30 years of practice and exploration, Legend Holdings has achieved four major breakthroughs.
  • Firstly, it has pioneered a path with Chinese characteristics for high-tech scientific research institutes to realize industrialization. Not only Lenovo’s practice but also Legend’s venture capital investments, entrepreneur trainings and angel investments, they are still pushing China’s technology companies for greater development.
  • Secondly, it established itself in the domestic market of China and stood out from the competition with multinational PC giants, boosting the evolution of domestic IT companies and the popularization of computers, which laid a solid ground for the boom of information technology and internet in China nowadays. For Chinese companies ‘going global’, there are also important experience and lessons to learn from Lenovo’s successful internationalization, as well as the overseas investments and mergers carried out by Legend and its member companies.
  • Thirdly, it has reformed from a state-owned high-tech enterprise into a limited liability company, making employees the owner of the business, thus laying a solid foundation for its long-term development. It also blazed a trail of structural reform for hi-tech enterprises under different scientific research institutes in China.
  • Fourthly, it has developed its corporate management principles focusing on the ‘three elements of leadership’ alongside the investment concept of ‘prioritize the business and emphasize on people’, which has helped foster a group of leaders and core competitiveness of Legend Holdings.
  • 1984-2000

    Development in IT Sector

  • 2001-2009

    Diversified Development

  • 2010-2014

    Investment Group

  • 2015 –

    Listed Company

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