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Two-wheel-drive Businesses
Strategic Investment
Two-wheel-drive Businesses
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Legend Holdings is involved in many flourishing industries. It invests and holds shares of valuable enterprises through strategic investments.
Legend Holdings has businesses in five fields, IT, financial services, innovative consumption and services, agriculture and food, and advanced manufacturing and professional services. It has more than twenty member companies.

Through the financial investment business focused on angel investment, venture capital and private equity investment, Legend Holdings establishes the holistic investment industrial chain, finds the investment opportunities in all development phases of the enterprise, and helps the investment targets realize value growth while reserving and providing project resources for the strategic investments business.

Company Profile

A leading diversified investment group in China


Create the unique“strategic investments + financial investments” two-wheel-drive business model

Cultivate and manage an outstanding investment portfolio with high growth potential

Have distinctive insights in value discovery and value creation

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